Bagco - a new website look

Bagco is Africa’s largest leading commercial manufacturer of premium bags to support the industrial and agricultural sectors both home (Nigeria) and abroad.


Bagco has been in existence for over 40 years. They have been an integral part of industrial and agricultural packaging (and we cannot deny their role when a Nigerian mother visits the market).

Bagco’s primitive website did not fail to emphasize the olden nature and history of the brand. As part of our ambitious plan for the brand, we decided to vivify the new website with an emphasis on creativity, relevant content, brand proposition and lead generation.

What the new platform aimed to do

- Position and elevate Bagco within its competitor landscape
- Clearly articulate Bagco’s value proposition
- Generate leads and sales of Bagco’s product and services

The Plethub Solution.

While designing the website, we decide to take a  modern minimal approach. Given that the brand has been in existence for decades, it had a thousand stories it was willing to show and tell. Our best approach to content curation was to keep it simple, making room for clear and concise communication.

Utilizing a few articulately curated pages, we told the heritage and value proposition of Bagco. This way, navigating through the website to get information became as seamless as drinking water on a sunny day.

We kept the typography, media and use of colours straightforward, enabling us to tell the brand story the exact way we wanted it told.

In the end, Bagco’s new website had an undeniable finesse to it. (which is why we got a call back).