Boxit - Creating an Identity

Boxit, as the name already implies, is a logistics and delivery company that focuses on ensuring prompt transposition time locally and internationally.

The Story

Boxit makes delivery seamless. Their online experience and perception needed to equally be perfectly consistent and coherent as their services.

When we were approached by Boxit, our initial thought was “How do we create a trust-at-first-sight for a company whose existence depends largely on that?” The world of logistics is highly competitive, and you will agree with us when we say that the first impression a brand in this niche makes is very vital to converting visitors into customers.

After our assessment, it was quite clear that they needed an online portfolio to match their present evolution. They needed a new graphics and branding universe to support their ambition. We were ready to make it happen for them.

Our Approach

A clean and engaging approach that sells the brand on the spot.

Boxit’s visual is clean and modern with the right amount of wit to it. The logo suggests at first glance navigation and delivery. The yellow arrow gives much-needed wit and playfulness to the logo while also depicting the wayfinding ability of the brand.

We chose an indistinct yet bold typographical treatment- bold text outside the box with a subtle message.

The bold font depicts a sturdy positioning while supported by a soft and mellow font which communicates the sensitivity of Boxit to its customer’s needs.

The colours, icons and typography vibe were applied throughout the UX design of the website and other brand materials. We maintained a clean feel and clear message helping users navigate the optimised website with ease.

The Cap

There are more details that were taken to account while creating a reputable identity for Boxit, but the most important to us was creating the perception of a brand worthy of trust. This way, Boxit could be rest assured more visitor-to-customer conversion will happen upon the first encounter with the brand.