Drudge Consulting - Creating a digital presence

Drudge Consulting LTD is a fully indigenous firm of Management Consultants providing Advisory, Audit and Assurance, Consulting, Tax Advisory and Outsourcing services to both government and private organizations

The Lead-up

What is the point of owning a company in the digital age if it cannot be found on the internet?
Drudge Consulting has been offering impeccable business consulting services in various forms for a decade. The firm decided it was time to move in line with the digital pace and place themselves where their clients would find them, the internet.

Hence, Drudge Consulting firm came to us with a simple request, to create a modern website for their brand. And a modern website is exactly what we created.

How we did it

We all know how easy it is to mess up a simple task. In as much as creating a website might seem simple, if adequate research and understanding of the brand at hand are not done, a tacky result is inevitable.

The first thing we did was to listen and understand the goal Drudge Consulting wanted to achieve with their website. Once that was settled, we went to our drawing boards and created drafts of possible website designs. The Drudge Consulting team was open and willing to work with us which made the process seamless.

After a preferred website sample was selected, we went ahead to create a fully optimised information based website. The website contained relevant content, was easy to navigate and super responsive. Drudge Consulting wanted a modern website, and that is what we gave them.