FMN Agro website - Digitalising agriculture

FMN agro-allied is a division of the FMNgroup with a mission to “feed the nation, every day” while creating value along the entire food chain with its “farm-to-fork” model.

The Outline

FMN agro approached us to create a website that would meet these goals;

- Educate visitors about FMN agro, its vision and what it has been able to do in the nation so far
- Put a spotlight on their products
- Encourage people to start a career in agriculture
- The website should be simple, easy to navigate, optimised and functional

The Challenge

For a versatile brand such as FMN agro, we had to be inventive about showcasing all that they are and all that they do within the confinement of a few online pages. We decided to tell the brand story using fewer words and more media, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Asides from creating an aesthetically pleasing website, we ensured the website had seamless navigation, fast load time and was optimised for web and mobile users.

At the end of the project, FMNAgro had a website that did not only encourage agricultural practice, it also highlighted their products and displayed employment opportunities for Nigerians.