IESSA - A Story of Digital Transformation

IESSA is an Angola owned indigenous oil and gas start-up. It aims to provide a world-class solution to the oil and gas sector in Angola.

The Need

Oil operators and International Service companies are faced with unique challenges when it comes to operating in Angola. IESSA is committed to overcoming that challenge and assuring locals that they are present to bridge the gap between operators and locals by providing support and unmatched value to each and every one of their clients.

The Challenge

Creating an identity that resonates with locals and the international market was top of the list for IESSA. While brainstorming we were posed with questions like “how do we present the value proposition of IESSA to the locals while adapting top-notch branding that positions them for international recognition”. “How do we help IESSA stand out in such a competitive space?”

The Plethub Solution.

Our team took time out to research and understand the Angolan market. Working closely with IESSA’s team helped us gain better knowledge about their industry and how it works which in turn birth notional solutions. This resulted in a seamless transition of ideas to design.

The IESSA logo presents itself as a world-class icon with typography that screams sturdy. We successfully created the perception they were looking to get and integrated it into the website and other brand materials.

It was important that we communicated the high-quality customer experience IESSA had to offer and what their operations in Angola would look like through the website. We went the hard way, making it simple. Taking all we know about the quality of job and services IESSA offers, we made a straight to the point website with every information one click away from the home page.

We also kept the content jargon-free, brief and informative. This way, their local and international audience can visit and have no hassle absorbing the brand and its ambitions in Angola.