Kiakia Fx

Kiakia Fx is an online currency exchange platform for both individuals and organizations that allows one to buy and sell foreign exchange conveniently.


The KiakiaFx initiative was to build a brand that enables consumers to beat the constant queue faced at the banks just to exchange, sell, buy or transfer foreign currency. However, to have such a brand operate a physical store extensively would be defeating its purpose.

Quick Fix

To establish the aim of the brand, Kiakiafx decided to build an online platform. A one-stop for all things foreign exchange, offering their users international banking at their fingertips.
When Kiakiafx came to us, they had already developed and implemented a working system for their transactions. They, however, did not have the capacity to manage effectively the solution they had created.
With the aid of Kiakiafx’s team, we were able to ensure the constant smooth running of the platform and provide maximum customer satisfaction.
We audited the system ensuring Kiakiafx posed as a healthy competition among other brands in the industry.

The Final touch

Kiakiafx is an interesting platform and a great team to work with. Even if we did not develop the platform, helping manage and ensure effective running of the platform so the end-user has a seamless experience, made us happy.