My Expo App

My Expo App is an AUDIOVISUAL APPLICATION that helps students prepare for certificate examinations like Waec, Neco and Gce at their convenience. The application uses animation and illustrations to simplify the subjects.

The Drill

My Expo App juxtaposes learning with entertainment as they endeavour to create a synchronization of both to aid a comprehensive understanding of fundamental topics for certificate examinations. They reached out to us to develop their website and mobile application. Our task was to create products that will not just accommodate the videos to be uploaded on the website but be responsive, have fast load time and appealing to their target market paying major attention to quality and cost-effectiveness.

What we did

We proceeded to create a platform that is easily accessible to students as it only requires a few login details to ascertain the identity of the user. With the use of illustrations and their colour theme, we were able to achieve a minimal and modern design for the products, giving them the aesthetic their audience will love.
The end goal of My Expo App was to create a product that brings about ease in the learning process while generating commercial revenue for them. With the emphasis on ease of use and navigation, we ensured the process of creating profiles, lodging complaints and use on various devices was as easy as possible.
After the creation, we were retained to ensure the seamless running of the app and website. Need we say more?
My Expo App wanted a product that would disrupt their niche, and that is what they got.