Flour Mills Nigeria - Designing a New Website

A diversified agribusiness company committed to feeding the nation and improving lives by producing a wholesome portfolio of food options using locally sourced materials.

The Brief

We were briefed with creating a website for Flourmills Nigeria that not only delivers a smooth user experience for their customers but also highlights the brands’ role in improving the quality of lives through various agricultural business ventures from food division, sugar, agro-allied and support services.

Flour Mills Nigeria also wanted to be able to collect meaningful site usage information which will provide customer insight to help them grow. It was also important that the site was scalable as they are looking to create more services in the future.

The Challenge

One of the key challenges of this project was to ensure that we built a modern website that allowed seamless navigation through various pages. The system that we created needed to be super responsive, fast and optimized for mobile.

The solution also needed to convey all relevant information regarding the operations of Flourmills in Nigeria and how it affects the average Nigerian, the mission and vision of the brand, investment opportunities and brand values in a precise manner.

The Solution

In order to deliver the best-in-breed mobile-first website, the client required we spent ample time researching and iterating the market for the perfect fit.

We delivered a simple yet explanatory site that allows FMN visitors to have a quick overview of what the brand is about and where they are headed as a value-focused company. We developed exciting and unique designs integrating short videos and pictures that tell the brand story.

The website is not only user-friendly, but It was also designed to convey as much information as possible in an aesthetic manner without looking clumsy. The simplicity of it makes for responsive and effective navigation of the website.
The end goal for FMN was to spark the interest of Nigerians. Create a space where they could tell their story and convert loyal customers to investors. And that is exactly what we delivered - a modern functional, responsive, secure and effective website.