Virindu Consulting - A distinctive Website

Virindu is a business advisory agency whose goal is to help daring brands navigate through the ever-busy business world. Virindu prides itself in creating industry disrupting strategies that elevate businesses from where they are to where they need to be.


Virindu approached us to create a website for them. One where potential clients can get all the necessary information about their services and be one click away from reaching them. Their major goal was to increase their digital presence.

The Rundown

We took our time to research the industry and key areas potential clients look out for when approaching brands. With our result and amazing cooperation from Virindu’s team members, we were able to create a simple, responsive and functional website.

Asides from creating an easy means for clients to know about them, we created a form where interested participants could always request to have a session with them. This way the traditional process of onsite bookings is eliminated.